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Sunday, March 19, 2006 

A Sunday without a game

It seemed like for a while we were watching a Clippers game ever Sunday or even on Saturday. But alas, the next game is on Monday so here I am filling the gap in your Clipperless weekend. And with everyone in the NBA world focus on the Sunday matchups, the news is little.

The first article is from the Dailybreeze. For those who have never heard of them, they are a paper that Covers from LAX to L.A Harbor. Their Clipper's article are far and few in between, but when they are there they are usually good. This was originally the post game article (Philly) but was updated later in the day.


The next article is from a journalist who recently ( as of a few years back) began to take notice of the clippers and is now a fan. Bill Simmon's Page 2 tackles the NBA playoffs pecking order. It is an enjoyable read especially when you get to number 6.


I hope you enjoy these reads I found for you-Tollis

Greeat finds Stang! Great reads thanks much

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