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Thursday, March 30, 2006 

The Sports X-change

Usually I like to find articles and information on the Clippers for those who hunger for any tidbit on the Clippers and today I like to introduce you to the sports x-change on cbs.sportsline.com. I remember searching high and low for information on the Clips and many of the sights having little to no info except around game time. How much we have grown fellow Clipper Fans. The info on sportsline is akin to what you will find on NBA.com or ESPN and adds a little more to your Clippers experience. Check it out, though I will warn you now that I am unsure at how often they update the information -Tollis


Hey! I am out looking for fantasy football related blogs to read up on, but I found your great blog. Nice to see someone that actually puts time into their blog - hard to find these days it seems! See ya...


fantasy football

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