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Saturday, March 04, 2006 

A Little Clippers news in the Morning

What a way to start your Saturday. A cup a joe, a bite to eat, maybe a little morning something something, and a whole lot of Clippers. Though Last night game was a tough loss, here are some articles from the local paper (whom incidentally are giving us more prep them bandwagoners). Here are offerings from the Times and Register. The Press Telegram are still full of haters and Kome Lovers so we won't get into them.


Also on the Clippers blotter is some news on Vlad Rad and Dun from the times.


Stay tuned Clippers lovers as I scour the web finding articles on the Clippers.


Good reads Tollis, thanks man. Congrats on your first entry! Be sure to sign you name at the bottom of your entry too :)

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