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Wednesday, March 15, 2006 


Top ten reasons to pull a Bobby McFerrin despite the Clips' 126-95 road loss to the Phoenix Suns tonight:

10.) It's only one game. We lost by 31 earlier this season, and we've also won by 33.
9.) Nobody else in the NBA plays like the Suns and few could if they wanted to; as Ralph Lawler said, "If you cloned Steve Nash, you could play like this." Let whoever draws Phoenix in the playoffs worry about them. Actually, winning a seven-game series might be easier than trying to adjust to their pace for one game every month or so.
8.) There's almost nothing to learn from tonight that would translate against the rest of the league. The coaching staff will likely not show the players the game film. I went through the boxscore once and will never look at it again.
7.) Any team in the league would have lost tonight to a Suns squad that shot 55.6% overall, 51.6% 3FGs (16-31!), and over 90% FTs. Admittedly, it would have been nice to see the Clips shoot better (34.3%, 26.3% and 66.7%, respectively), but that would only change the margin of defeat.
6.) In some ways, it's better (or at least easier) to lose by 31 than by one.
5.) Yeah, everybody saw us get laughed out of Phoenix, but hey, if opponents look at this game and think we're the same old Clippers, let 'em! Maybe we can still sneak up on a few unsuspecting teams.
4.) You couldn't ask for a better chance to bounce back strong than with a home game Friday night against the Allen Iverson-less Philadelphia 76ers. AI didn't make the Sixers' three-game trip West due to a sprained right foot. The Clips will then have two days off before a tough three-game roadie of their own through Houston, New Orleans and Memphis.
3.) The gravest cause for concern came in the third quarter, when Shaun Livingston rolled an ankle. What any of our Big Eight was doing on the court by that time is beyond me, but as noted we have only one game in the next 100 hours. God willing, Shaun's ankle won't swell up too badly and he'll heal without missing too much time. Meanwhile, Zeljko Rebraca told Ralph he feels good and should be back soon.
2.) Many of us have seen something this week we previously thought existed only in myth: a Clipper playoff ticket invoice.
1.) 37-26, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

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